elementORG is an ERP Integrated Digital Platform to help councils to automate and digitise their key processes, forms and customer interactions. elementORG enables councils to offer a significantly improved quality of service to their customers whilst greatly reducing the resources and effort to deliver those services. 

Rather than a one size fits all approach, the platform comes with an extensive library of prebuilt solutions that can be configured specifically for each of your processes’ unique characteristics and nuances. Your administrators have the necessary tools to configure the system, so that you can continue to roll out new processes with or without our assistance.   

This approach means that you can digitise your services as fast or slow as you like with minimal cost. Some of our customers have already automated dozens of processes and are continuing to implement more at their own pace.  


What does it do?

The following are some examples of common Solves from our Solve Library

What does elementORG do?

Immunisation bookings

Food safety inspections

Primary and Ordinary returns

Evacuation reports

Roadworks schedules

Conflict of Interest declarations

Process authorisation

Register management

Permit processing and approval

Bush camping permits

Case study

We are immensely proud of how our customers are leveraging elementORG to be better for their community.

Here is a video of how one local government is using elementORG to digitise their organisation.